The challenging consequences of the coronavirus crisis are a rising concern for companies around the world – from SMEs to multinationals. Fortunately, numerous initiatives have been brought forward to support those whose business is affected by the crisis. The initiatives include extensive regulations that could help you on a long as well as short-term basis, whether you are self-employed or running an SME. Keep reading to explore the options.

01 Chamber of Commerce and Corona Counter
The Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) provides a clear overview of the current regulations that you as an SME can claim. For example, NOW, the Temporary Emergency Measure Bridging and extending BMKB. Read about your options as an entrepreneur here. Additionally, SME-Netherlands (MKB-Nederland) and the Chamber of Commerce opened the Corona Counter, where entrepreneurs can ask questions and find information on the existing schemes. The Counter can be reached by phone on working days, at 0800-2117.

02 New Business Radio
New Business Radio provides daily Corona Updates and advice for entrepreneurs, for you to receive the latest business-related information about the crisis. Tune in at 8:00, 12:00 and 17:00 every day.

03 Table of regulations As a handy overview and checklist. See here.

04 PwC Covid-19 helpdesk The helpdesk has been set up specifically to help SMEs, self-employed entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and charity organizations that are not PwC customers to find their way through, among other things, all emergency measures drawn up by the cabinet. Read more here.

05 PwC offers a webinar where they discuss support measures and important questions that they have received via the Covid-19 helpdesk. It will be recorded and made available on the PwC website.

06 PIM – Province Noord-Holland helpdesk To support SMEs and start-ups in North Holland, PIM offers entrepreneurs with questions regarding the corona crisis. Do you have questions about the measures? PIM’s advisers are ready to assist entrepreneurs. Go to here.

07 Blackbear – Young talents supporting SMEs and startups
The Blackbear digital platform is temporarily open to startups, SMEs, entrepreneurs, and other organisations free of charge. The aim of this initiative is to link the brainpower of young talents to companies that are looking for support in their challenges. The platform has a pool of more than 2,500 young talents, who are ready to ponder over business challenges at any time, resulting in quick and diverse solutions. Read more here.

08 €100 million for bridge financing for start-ups via regional development companies
The cabinet has announced that it will make € 100 million available for bridging loans to startups, scaleups and innovative SMEs. These loans will be provided through the regional development companies (ROM’s) in the Netherlands. Read more here >

09 Facebook support for SMEs
Facebook offers financial support and advertising budget through a Facebook Small Business Grants Programme. Facebook has made $100 million available to help SMEs and startups in 30 different countries during these challenging times. Find out how to claim a Facebook grant here.

10 Community support – Etenover
Due to the temporary lockdown in the catering industry, the suppliers experience a complete drop in demand. The platform is a temporary digital marketplace where food producers can directly offer their stock to consumers. It is a non-profit initiative of Shoot My Food, Food Inspiration, and Foodservice Network.

11 Acute corona help
Oranje Fonds has opened a counter to accelerate corona aid projects. Initiatives aimed at meeting the needs of loneliness, poverty and informal care can submit an application. Read more and apply here.

12 Do Good Collective
Do Good Collective is a collective of marketers and creatives that want to do some good during this global pandemic. Do you need a helping hand in keeping your business working whilst the world works at home? Do Good Collective is offering free business, design and marketing support to small, local businesses. Read more here.

13 COL – Corona Bridging Loan
The Dutch government has allocated €100M for bridging loans for start-ups, scale-ups and innovative SMEs that are affected by the coronavirus crisis. The digital portal will open for application starting Wednesday 29 April, 9 AM, where companies can apply for the scheme, which is known as COL or Corona-Overbruggingslening (Corona Bridging Loan).

The loans will be distributed by the regional development boards in the Netherlands. In the province of North-Holland, which Amsterdam is part of, the COL will be dispensed by the Innovation Fund. Applications will be processed by the collaborating organizations PIM-NH, Regional Development Agency NHN, PDENH, the City of Amsterdam and the Innovation Fund.

14 Startups that deliver to your doorstep
Impact Hub Amsterdam has made an overview of members and alumni that are now offering their products online, and deliver to your doorstep. From Support Your Locals, which calls on the whole of the Netherlands to embrace local producers and help build short chains together, to Wakuli coffee, whose packages fit through your letterbox, and the Karma Box, composed by our alumni, which is filled with new and delicious vegan products to try at home. Read about the top 17 initiatives here!

Do you want to add your initiative to this list? Mail our community host Evelien Janson.

15 Virtual community lunch
Impact Hub Amsterdam hosts a daily Virtual Lunch Break 12:30-13:00 that you can tune into with your sandwich. This is a possibility for the Noord-Holland Province community to stay together during this delicate moment and continue exchanging experiences with other entrepreneurs from our network. Participate via this Zoom link.