The Business Model Challenge (BMC) is our incubator program for entrepreneurs who are taking the first steps in starting an impact-driven business. The goal: a solid business plan, strengthened skills, and a pilot in our network. This particular BMC edition is a special one, as all 10 participants focus on one theme: developing a product or service that aims to make food or its packaging more sustainable. The BMC Packaging & Food is powered by Accenture.

Circular Coffee Project believes in challenging the status-quo, to empower coffee drinkers to make positive societal and environmental impact with each cup of coffee. They do this by developing the world’s first universal system stimulating sustainable coffee/tea consumption.

Cups of Green produces healthy green juice powder made from waste vegetables. Their company also provides different services to benefit you in reaching your health goals, from detox retreats to workshops and consulting.

EAT.PEASY will cook environmentally friendly and healthy plant-based meals for you. You can order whenever you want or choose a subscription with discounts and other surprises.

Entowise uses biotechnology for food development using insects. Their innovative solutions are tailored to each company they collaborate with to help them reach their mission.

Grist rescues food that would have been thrown away and gives it a second life. They currently produce sustainable and nutritious flour, upcycled from local brewery byproducts.

REcological offers a sustainable way to drink water and eliminate plastic. They focus on using innovative solutions and new-age technology to solve the plastic pollution crisis.

Ryo Berry manufactures and distributes ketogenic diet-based food products. The ketogenic diet lacks carbohydrates and is rich in fats and proteins and has been proven to provide a range of health benefits.

Solstice Blends makes nutrient-dense beverages, uniquely formulated with potent superfoods. They use a range of creative plant-based infusions that can bring you the radiant warmth of the sun to your afternoon break.

This is Circular is a progressive retail business that delivers responsibly-sourced foods & household goods to your door in stackable, reusable containers, with the aim of eventually making the supply chain entirely circular.

Veridis Instruments aims to upgrade quality control in plastic recycling. They are currently developing new analytical technologies to improve material property characterisation of plastics and complex materials.