During our Business Model Challenge (BMC) we help entrepreneurs turn their ideas for a better world into scalable business models. Meet Jack won our 13th BMC with their juicy alternative to meat starring young jackfruit. Learn how the BMC helped them sharpen their value proposition and how they are setting up their sustainable food chain.

From helping entrepreneurs to becoming one

“After years of working with impact entrepreneurs as a program manager for fellow Impact Hub members Crosswise Works, my co-founder, Kaline van Halder, envisioned an innovative product: a meat-free food line starring young jackfruit. Meet Jack’s mission is to convince carnivores to replace meat for the meat-like textured jackfruit at least once per week. This small behavioural change would massively reduce their carbon emissions and water consumption, as well as improve personal health and animal welfare. In addition, Meet Jack supports reforestation and reducing pre-harvest losses through local partnerships in emerging markets.”

Finding partners through Impact Hub

“The Business Model Challenge (BMC) gave us the boost of confidence we were looking for. Thanks to the BMC, we sharpened our value proposition, target audience, and market. For instance, we shifted from an audience of committed vegans, who need no further convincing, to flexitarians and meat eaters. What’s more, Impact Hub Amsterdam’s Innovation Sourcing Lead, Ilse Kwaaitaal, introduced us to Kitchen Republic, where we met Edwin Sander (Food Creativ), one of the chefs who helped develop our recipes. And we were also invited to cater Impact Hub events, such as its 10th anniversary during WeMakeThe.City and gatherings hosted by Triodos and Circle Economy.”

Setting up a sustainable food chain

“Our long term ambition is to set up a jackfruit plantation in the Philippines, the country of Kaline’s roots. However, we currently source from Thailand to focus on serving the Dutch market as soon as possible. To set up our sustainable supply chain and production, we used capital from our successful crowdfunding campaign. We have made 13,000 jackfruit bitterballen, which we are now selling to restaurants and catering at events and festivals.”