The Business Model Challenge (BMC) is our incubator program for entrepreneurs who are taking the first steps in starting an impact-driven business. The goal: a solid business plan, strengthened skills, and a pilot in our network. Read about the participants of the 16th edition here!

CANDO |  CANDO aims to help organisations create impactful learning experiences and environments. CANDO offers (e-)learning design and advice, a learning and development toolkit, and a hackathon format: a product for each budget. Through co-creation with our customers, we create energetic learning experiences with an eye for social impact.

DIV-LAB | DIV-LAB is a recurring one-year think tank program in which small groups work on discussing controversial topics in a safe environment, and make a joint effort to develop concrete plans with societal partners. DIV-LABs in multiple cities will guide the development of products and services created for local and social diversity stimulation.

HIER KOMT EEN MERK | Is a sustainable fashion brand that focuses on slow fashion, fair labor and certified materials with a collection of pieces that can all be worn in at least two different ways to minimise unnecessary consumption and stimulate creativity. A never-ending wardrobe of options created from only a few garments!

LSTNR | LSTNR is an app in which students can safely and anonymously share their thoughts, feelings and emotions with other users. In addition to giving young people an outlet for emotional expression, it also gives them the opportunity to help others by listening to their story. Listening to different stories will provide users with another perspective on their own situation, and create organic growth in empathy.

Omek | Omek unites African professionals and friends of Africa, leverages their collective network, and creates environments that foster mentorship, collaboration and advocacy. Omek then brings together stakeholders in the local government, universities, international institutions and corporations to pool their resources and connect opportunities.

Project Fearless | Project Fearless is a workshop and project-based learning space to empower girls between 9 and 14 years old. They are committed to “learning by doing,” by offering accessible, hands-on, bad-ass, and inclusive programs in which any girl from any background can learn new skills and move forward confidently into higher education and life in general.

Soloos Travel | Soloos Travel will be the first singles group travel agency that allows single travelers to decide who they travel with. This will make group travel attractive to singles who now struggle with the “holiday issue” and in some cases even refrain from going on holiday at all. They will also strive to make traveling sustainable by simplifying green choices, like CO2 compensation.

Table Sage | Table Sage is an online rating platform that qualifies restaurants according to sustainability, diversity and story in addition to cuisine and experience. The platform will also serve as an outlet for news about inspiring people and projects in the food industry. Through Table Sage, customers can easily access information on restaurants and food industry workers (owners, chefs, and employees!) that align with their interests and values.

SenseWeavers | Senseweavers is a platform that showcases events, services and products of social innovators and changemakers, to help them reach a bigger audience, collaborate and cross- collaborate, and accomplish their mission. The platform is an aggregation website and meta- network, starting with a social innovation map of Amsterdam. The business model is based on a percentage per sale through affiliate links and ticketing.

Virtually Impossible | Virtually Impossible is a creative VR studio that focuses on storytelling with a positive impact on the world. Working with socially & environmentally conscious organisations, we make compelling interactive stories that allow viewers to see the world as they’ve never seen it before. Our content doesn’t just tell the story, it puts you inside it.