The Business Model Challenge (BMC) is our incubator program for entrepreneurs who are taking the first steps in starting an impact-driven business. The goal: a solid business plan, strengthened skills, and a pilot in our network. This particular BMC edition is a special one, as all 11 participants focus on one theme: fighting plastic pollution! Keep reading to find out who they are.

The BMC Plastics Edition is powered by the Port of Amsterdam and Accenture.


D3AAK wants to tackle the plastic problem with a sustainable, environmentally friendly and innovative product. They develop and sell 3D-printed and 100% recyclable open boats that are produced from recycled & recyclable plastic. The D3Aak is custom-made and electrically propelled for an optimal sustainable sailing experience.

FanSea creates sea-own alternatives to plastic disposables for the hospitality sector, made from a seaweed-algae bioplastic. Their first product is a FanSea Straw. Seaweed cultivation doesn’t harm the environment and doesn’t need fertilisers – or land. When the product decomposes, it gives nature back what it has given us: minerals and water.

More Than Waste designs and creates products out of waste materials to create awareness about recycling valuable materials. Their first product is a toilet seat, as there is no sustainable plastic toilet seat on the market yet. The marbled effect of the recycled plastic gives the seat a unique look. Moreover, the product itself and its distinguished design is a “playful” conversation starter about plastic pollution.

Polimarble is a high-end, marble-like material for use in interior, architectural, and product design. It is developed by design studio Polimeer and made from waste plastic bags and film. Polimarble is very durable, made from sustainably-sourced and traceable materials, and can be recycled in future. They turn single-use plastics into products that last for decades!

Precious Plastic The Hague is part of the global Precious Plastic network. This new The Hague branch aims to create valuable, functional and sellable products made from plastic waste. They are a local, inclusive and social business. Clients from 7 different local social workplaces help them to sort, wash, dry and shred bottle caps, to create raw material for new products.

Roof Global constructs affordable residential and commercial buildings from recycled plastic. Their goal is to solve one of the world’s major problems by generating demand for recycled plastic.

Sharepack offers a reusable and returnable smart food packaging service in the meal-pickup and delivery market with a rewarding system through EOS blockchain technology. The entire supply chain is paid out in Sharepack tokens.

Bamboo Brush Society replaces everyday products that harm our planet with more sustainable alternatives. Our most famous product is a bamboo toothbrush with medium bristles made of BPA-free nylon. It brushes just as well as a regular toothbrush, but it is much better for the planet. Also: the packaging is plastic-free and biodegradable!

Wasted is a platform and app that rewards citizens when separating and refusing to use or purchase virgin plastic. The rewards are monetary discounts, which can be used to purchase circular products at a lower price. The app will help users to incrementally live a more conscious lifestyle through various activities.

WaterUP is an innovative tap water station with still, sparkling and infused tap water as an alternative to single-use water bottles. The taps can be placed in offices, co-working spaces, universities, schools and at events, for example.

YoYos take-away boxes offer a reusable single-use plastic alternative with a simple-to-replicate deposit system. They will provide, collect, clean and redistribute takeaway boxes to food venues. This means the customer does not own the product but pays for our service through a deposit.