Meet BinBang CEO and co-founder Anja Cheriakova, who took part in the 2017 edition of our Investment Ready Program, our five-month peer learning-based accelerator for scalable solutions to global sustainability challenges. Read on to find out how Investment Ready helped BinBang meet the right investors and do business with other inspiring startups. 

Making waste separation easy, fun and circular

“We make the household and office separation of waste and resources such as paper, plastic, glass and organic leftovers easy and fun with modular, stackable bins built of recycled materials. Our circular economy-based business model helps our customers use the bin for 10 years, during which we repair any broken parts and after which we take the bin back and repurpose it. As municipalities don’t yet provide services for non-recyclable waste, such as used diapers, we also run a number of collection programs that help direct such waste to the right processing agents.”

BinBang reaches milestone of €1 million in revenue in 2017

“After building our business in 2016, we’re proud that 2017 saw us reach the milestones of €1 million in revenue and the distribution of 25,000 bins made of 75 tonnes of 100% recycled plastic. These bins reached 5000 households, which means we helped save 250 tonnes of waste from incineration – nearly 20% of the waste that usually doesn’t get recycled. We also secured partnerships with three Dutch municipalities, as well as the Landal GreenParks network of holiday villages. For the latter, we have the ambitious aim to completely close the plastic and organic waste loops.”

The Investment Ready program helps BinBang secure funding

“We’re very happy to have been part of the 2017 edition of Impact Hub Amsterdam’s Investment Ready Program, which is the best push when you’re in the scale-up phase. Thanks to our pitch at the program’s Demo Day, we secured meetings with three investors and are well on our way to raise our target of €500,000. We also connected to entrepreneurs we could learn from, be inspired by and collaborate with as each other’s customers. For instance, we’re helping fellow Investment Ready participants Kitchen Republic separate organic waste at their food startup incubator, and eco-materials enterprise MgAubel better deal with their office waste collection.”

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