The DOEN Foundation and Impact Hub Amsterdam joined forces to co-create a one-month intensive accelerator for New Material Award-nominated designers who want to develop their innovative materials or sustainable products, which range from plant root-based textiles that can repair themselves to circular furniture made of recycled plastic. The accelerator will culminate in a pitch event at the 2017 edition of the world-famous Dutch Design Week (22-29 October, Eindhoven)

Thanks to 6 successful editions, more than 100 nominees and 12 winners, the New Material Award (NMA) – a joint venture of the DOEN Foundation, Fonds Kwadraat and Het Nieuwe Instituut – has become a well-known concept in the creative sector and sustainable design sector. And the designs introduced at the NMA often contribute to a greener and more innovative society.

The DOEN Foundation and Impact Hub Amsterdam see enormous potential in the NMA-nominated designs and want to help the bright minds who created them explore exciting business models, as well opportunities for sharing their work with a broader audience.

With this new accelerator programme, which launches on 13 September 2017, we want to help designers selected out of the NMA nominees plan the next steps for their innovative material or sustainable product, boost the knowledge and skills they need to position their design in the market, and to inspire future generations of makers.

After taking the programme participants through topics such as strategy, finance, legal matters, production, branding, and insight into societal impact – which are all crucial to get their design out there – these designers will also get the chance to present their plans and ideas at the 2017 Dutch Design Week.

The New Material Award Business Model Challenge selected designs

  • Digital Virtuosity (Bastiaan de Nennie): New principles that designers can use in the rapidly digitizing world
  • Diana Scherer: Plant root-based textile that can develop and repair itself without the use of electricity
  • No Mad Makers (Didi Aaslund): Products that promote the self-reliance of vulnerable individuals and groups
  • Biobased Balloons (Gerald Lindner): Flower seed-filled balloons made from biodegradable PLA film and dyed with gnome shapes
  • Made to Mend (Heleen Klopper): Products based on a new type of fabric with built-in repair capabilities
  • Yana (Jennifer de Jonge): A woollen wall structure that contributes to a more circular world
  • Reconstructing Particles (Jo Meesters): New ways to reuse waste and residuals
  • Precious Waste (Michelle Baggerman): Research and design of sustainable material development and textile production
  • PLECTERE (Petra Vonk): A structure made of woollen felt strips that can be used as partitions and room dividers
  • Studio Roos Meerman: New concepts, applications and techniques for existing machines and materials
  • Dirk Vander Kooij: Circular design furniture made from 96% up to 100% recycled plastic since 2010
  • Lilian van Daal: Innovative technologies and materials for more sustainable production methods

More about Impact Hub Amsterdam’s Business Model Challenge

Our established, three-month long Business Model Challenge (BMC) programme is designed to help ambitious entrepreneurs save time and money while they grow their business and maximise their positive impact. The BMC includes 3 training days, 4 masterclasses, 1 personal mentor, 1 pitch battle and all the perks of an Impact Hub membership for the entire duration of the programme. In addition to this special NMA-focused BMC, in September 2017 we will be kickstarting two simultaneous Business Model Challenge editions again – Intensive and Light. Ready for takeoff? Apply before 15 September. 

More about the New Material Award

The New Material Award is a joint initiative of the DOEN Foundation, Fonds Kwadraat and Het Nieuwe Instituut. These three organisations believe that artists, designers and architects play a vital role in developing innovative solutions to pressing societal challenges. Learn more here:

This biennial award, whose next edition will be organized in 2018, introduces the designs of the future. The award challenges visual artists, designers, fashion designers and architects to use new materials and innovative techniques. The resulting designs will contribute to a better and more sustainable society. The New Material Award believes in the innovative power of creativity within various design and art disciplines with regard to sustainability and the development and application of new materials.

Photo credit

Olivier van Herpt. Functional 3D Printer Ceramics, close-up. Olivier was the winner of the 2016 edition of the New Material Award.