Authenticook, Awake, Backstreet Academy, Desolenator, Good Hotel, Local Alike and The Seabin Project are all ready to put their newly developed scaling plans into action after winning grants from the Booking Booster’s €2 million euro fund.

The jury, which also included Tatiana Glad, Co-founder and Director of Impact Hub Amsterdam and Board Member of the Impact Hub Association, awarded Backstreet Academy (South East Asia) and Authenticook (India) their full scaling funding requests of €400,000 and €200,000, respectively.

And other startups that also received part of their requested grants were Seabin Project (Australia & Spain) with €350k; Local Alike (Thailand) for 300k; Awake (Colombia) with €300k; Good Hotel Group with €300k; and (Global) with €150k.

We are proud to have co-created this sustainable tourism accelerator together with and our friends at Impact Hub Global. Over three intense and rewarding weeks, and Impact Hub experts worked closely with 10 startups from across the world to help them develop scaling plans and work towards turning tourism into a force for good.

Among the first week’s highlights were meetings with as academics and private sector leaders, where participants had the chance deep dive into how tourism can be shaped to provide a more sustainable future.

“Government bodies can come up with all the frameworks they like but ultimately it’s the private sector, such as these startups, who can have impact by providing employment. This can make a big difference to local communities”, said Martine Bakker, Sustainable Tourism Development Consultant.

During week two of the programme, the startups perfected their pitches, and developed different parts of their business, by fine-tuning their financial models, optimising their technology solutions, building strategic partnerships, and crafting proactive PR and media strategies.

“I have never met anyone who can teach so well how to communicate and express ideas in a powerful way!”, said Laura of Awake about our long-time collaborator, the Best 3 Minutes man himself, David Beckett.

And the third week, which built up to up to the 22nd of June pitch battle hosted by the spectacular NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam, included an impact measurement workshop given by Impact Hub Amsterdam’s very own Impact Integrator, Robert-Niels van Droffelaar. He shared practical tips for tailoring the impact logic model to the measurement needs and impact goals of each startup.

“It’s been great to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs from around the world as part of Booster,” concluded Somsak Boonkam, Founder and CEO of Local Alike. “We’ve learned so much from this experience and are inspired to take our vision for inclusive community-based tourism to more destinations and people around the world.”

But our collaboration continues as all 10 participating startups will become members of their local Impact Hubs and execute their scaling plans with the support of mentors. You can follow their adventures on this blog.