Impact Hub welcomes another cohort of Business Model Challenge entrepreneurs to our community! They embark on the mission towards a sustainable business, a path walked by 225+ #impactmakers that went before them since 2008. They all share the spirit of innovation, an urge to change our current society, and see social entrepreneurship as the key asset to tackle society’s challenges of our time. Meet the entrepreneurs and their ideas:

Logisa has taken up the challenge to improve East African Logistics. LOGISA aims to empower interactions between all transport & logistics stakeholders by offering a unique online platform that combines social collaboration and supply chain optimization.
Impact: We have the ambition to reach ou tto a large community of transport and logistic professionals but also to other SME’s like farmers and production sites who need transport as a service. Transparent, reliable and easy to use.

Miranda | Fair e-Good

Fair e-good is a market place where a large number of fair trade/sustainable/ecological brands are offered to conscious consumers. This marketplace will allow consumers to search and shop guilt-free among unlimited “good” brands, simply by selecting criteria relevant for conscious shoppers and give more information about the story behind the brands the higher salary they give to the producers, how the materials used are better for the planet or what sort of social programme they run to support local communities in need.
Impact: making it easier for consumers to buy sustainable fashion. Fashion that is produced without chemicals, with good labour conditions and wages, and without child labour.

Explora Cycle tours organises cycling holidays to different African countries in partnership with local entrepreneurs/franchises (individuals/organisations) by creating a quality ‘brand’ for cycling holidays in Africa.
Impact: The company promotes entrepreneurship, education/training of entrepreneurs, indirect job creation in local communities, income gain in the local communities by collaborating with them, and development of eco-tourism market in Africa.

Qoupled is an online job-matchmaking platform that matches an employee’s personality with an employer’s company culture. We want to make it a hell of a lot cheaper for businesses to find their ideal employee. In doing so we are passionate about helping emerging markets to solve their unemployment problems
Impact: For every match we make we want to offer micro-finance opportunities to Youth Entrepreneurs in South Africa. Youth unemployment rates in South Africa are among the highest of the world. The new Government strategy is aimed at empowering the youth to become entrepreneurs and solving the employment problem from the bottom up.

Djeepo is the sharing economy platform for physical storage. We connect people in need of storage space with people that have unused space. There is a growing urban problem: Shortage of space. Cities are over populated and house prices keep increasing. If you need storage space you often depend on self-storage facilities. These are overpriced, remotely located, depressing buildings with little service and a lot of small letters.
Impact: Solving the imbalance in space and the problem of urban space shortage, bringing people in neighborhoods together, reducing traffic and making storing stuff a pleasant experience. Furthermore, Djeepo gives people a side income or saves them money, so they have more money to enjoy life.

The goal of ananas, a language exchange app, is to create a global community in which language is not a barrier. It is the only app to encourage expats, internationals and locals alike to meet up in person, for real face-to-face language exchange in their neighbourhoods. Using geo-location to allow them complete control, it creates safe environments to learn and teach language in a local café or creative space. A world without language barriers is a sustainable and happy one.
Impact: More than ever there is a desire and a need to shorten the distance between cultures and countries, to speak the same language (literally) to understand one another, to create a sustainable unified society

Liberality produces high quality basic fair trade clothing, sold at an affordable and honest price. As UCP, we invest part of our revenu in projects around the world. By buying a simple product like a piece of clothing, the consumer can give back to the world in a comfortable way. Our goal is to give people an insight into where their garment was made and show them the sustainable ways in which clothing can be produced.
Impact: For every sold product, we set apart money to make people happy and protect the environment.

Lao Tzu wrote: “Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” Meer Lieve Brieven brings kindness. We do this through facilitating our community of letter writers to leave kind notes for people to find in public transport, bars, libraries and other public places. We also write letters on demand for those who can use some extra love and support. We organise live events where people can get acquainted, learn how to write a sweet letter and write letters together on the spot. In the future, I’d like to offer sweet letters writing workshops as a group activity, for bachelorette parties, baby showers, office outings and so on.
Impact: With MLB we hope to increase the level of social cohesion in Dutch society. This would manifest itself in more every day kindness, which is of course quite hard to measure. It would be great if there would be monthly MLB writing events in 5 cities in the Netherlands and if monthly at least 100 MLB letters are spread and sent out.

JUSTA is a business development consulting company, established in 2016 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We are an enabler, we promote the innovation and profitability growth of small and medium size Latin American enterprises through the strengthening of their participation in the international ethical trade using the Netherlands as a commercial hub. JUSTA uses business as a force for good to contribute to build a better world.
Impact: The impact of JUSTA in the world is that small and medium size Latin American enterprises will be more and more an engine of growth, innovation and employment so they can contribute to the region’s sustainable development.

100% women owned and controlled delicious high quality bean-to-bar chocolate to the benefit of entrepreneurial women in cocoa and chocolate We aim to contribute to a more equitable world by empowering women along the cocoa value chain in their business ambitions and financial sustainability and do this through our sales of the ROKBAR and reinvesting this based on women’s need and interests in the different parts of the cocoa chain.
Impact: with Rokbar we enable women who produce cocoa, to access markets (by buying cocoa beans directly from women) and to perform non traditional women’s jobs. We want to promote chocolate manufacturing in origin countries by women and to enable women to become co-owners in the cocoa value chain.

Nowa comes from No Waste. Nowa is a circulair jewellery line. Our jewellery is not only circulair because of the recycled e waste we use, but also because you can use our jewellery in different ways.
Impact: We sell jewellery with a story to create awareness around e-waste It is also an appeal to people to return their old phones. We hope to be an example for change in the whole gold chain.

Fuckup Stories supports people to share “failure-stories” of their (business) life via an online-video-platform. Currently, failure is not socially accepted. At Fuckup Stories we believe that this prevents learning and development.
Impact: creating a totally new failure culture. By doing so we’ll increase quality of life for employees and employers.