167 boxes, 2 fridges, 180 chairs and 12 truckloads full of stuff. Unpacking. That is how our new year kicked off – all to be ready to open our new Impact Hub Amsterdam location on January 2nd. And what a warm welcome that was!

THANK YOU to all the members who supported this transition: from imagining a new Impact Hub in the co-creation sessions, to sharing hints of new possible locations, to packing and unpacking, to building and painting, and inhabiting the new space as if we had always been here.  We couldn’t have taken our Impact Hub next level without you!

This month as we have been asking our members what their next level is, we are finding they answer with both ambition and humility. There are clear expectations to make a next level difference on the issues they care about, and no matter how grand the challenge they are not fazed. Is impact business the next new normal?

And if so, what characterises this next level where impact business is the expected norm? We need to understand that solutions for our challenges are right here in our cities, that microcosms of citizen entrepreneurs in collaboration with each other are part of the solution for a more sustainable and liveable city – and world. And the opportunity to connect unlikely allies – those that don’t ‘normally’ work together – holds promise for even more innovative and enduring solutions.

Celebrating our next level Impact Hub Amsterdam is a celebration from our community for to our city. On March 31st we invite you to Unlikely Allies: The Future of Our City for An Immersive Day Event Full of Meaningful Content + A Really Good Party. Expect inspiring workshops, delicious food and good music. Meet or re-connect with our community of 700+ impactmakers, innovators, investors and partners – likely or unlikely!

The agenda is unfolding and will feature provocative conversations, speed-meeting business advice opportunities, innovation labs on social impact issues, mini-trainings, provocative talks, a demo space and more. Reserve your ticket here and check back to see the programme to be launched February 10. On March 31st our Impact Hub becomes a smorgasbord of impact activities, and your ticket gives you access to this special next level Hub Experience!

In the meantime, the 11th edition of our Business Model Challenge is on its way and our Investment Ready Program 2017 is full of 11 green ventures taking themselves to their next level. And we aim to deepen our learning on failure learning from the hard lessons learned by entrepreneurs in our community at our first Fail Forward Night on February 17th. On that evening I am proud to welcome our Impact Hub Caracas sister Claudia Valladares who will share her story of starting a social enterprise in a failing society.  This brings as a reminder that given so many broken systems in the world, there is a whole lot that needs to find its next level – ideally with the helpful nudge and perseverance of  our impactmakers. And so I am reminded of a quote from a dear friend and mentor of our Impact Hub over the years, Margaret Wheatley: “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

Here’s to a vibrant and fulfilling 2017!

Tatiana x