Our upcoming move from the Westerpark to the Oosterpark is not just a move of furniture or mailing address, it is the short of our community and offerings to a next level.

Moving a Community of 250+ social entrepreneurs and startups is no easy task, and it is hardly about getting a place ready and opening the door on day 1 to say “Welcome In!”. It is about shifting habits, translating values as they have manifested in relationship to one space into how they manifest in a new one, and about unpacking the deeper needs of all the segments o four community and design a way of meeting as many of them as possible. This approach to collaborative space making is characteristic of Hub-making, and has served us in our first location (Westerstraat, 2008), second location (Westerpark, 2013) and in the new one to open (Oosterpark, 2017). You could say we have become experts in how to do this, and in some degree we have – but community is a social organism and so each iteration has been a collaborative learning process in exploring ‘What is the Impact Hub we want to inhabit? And how does it reflect what we see needed in the world?”

One aspect we all collective see needed is increased visibility of this ‘new economy’ – making the many entrepreneurial solutions for a more just, green and inclusive world more visible and accessible. Building on the strong foundation we have achieved over the past years in helping many start, grow and scale social enterprises, at KIT we connect entrepreneurs with issue-based research, capital providers, the local neighbourhood and key international organisations. Through our new location we aim to remove barriers for sustainability entrepreneurs to be seen, to access opportunities and to increase trade. How can we be the new stock exchange for impact entrepreneurs? Let’s Hub!

Join the next co-creation sessions

#NextHub Members Co-creation session 19 October 2016, 16.30 meet at Cafe Tropen at KIT

#NextHub Stakeholder Co-creation session 17 November, 16.00 meet at Cafe Tropen at KIT


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