This is the fun part! It’s a chance for our team to come together and imagine our Next Hub… what if we could change that? what if we could do this? It’s also a chance for the space to speak to us and tell it what it can do for us, as we enter the next weeks of making some critical decisions. There will be no turning back 🙂

The team has been through two co-design sessions over the last weeks where we did an inventory of what doesn’t work in our current Hub, of habits that need changing, and of what the work next level will be – after all, this next Hub needs to hold the possibility of what the community unfolds over the next 5+ years. It is not just a project for January – but for the long run. On Friday we gathering in the new space (just as it is being emptied and will face renovations) to validate some assumptions that will influence the piping, the walls and zoning of the space use. Mostly, we became excited about the many possibilities this new space offers for more member product/service visibility, making the international network more present in the space, and enabling more space for member to bring partners into Impact Hub. And so some parameters are defined with each session, but the real magic will be in how the space comes alive.  This is how Impact Hubs are made, by its community for its community – and to always invite in more to be part of it.img_8340-1

On Wed 21 September we welcome our members for the next #NextHub Co-Creation session as we face some critical decisions to make for the renovations – we need your input and feedback! Members can sign up here; and our other stakeholders watch this space for the October 19 #NextHub Co-design session where we invite in a wider group of stakeholders into the process.