On Thursday August 18th we have the first opportunity for our members to visit our new Hub-to-be location. It is always exciting to see the “before” state when a new Impact Hub exists only in one’s imagination! The beauty of that initial moment is in knowing that we are all envisioning different pictures of what our next Impact Hub may look like… and this is the key ingredient to the special approach that we take in building Impact Hubs the world over.


Impact Hubs are known for user-led design and engaging its own members in the new Hub co-creation process. Of course as each new location has its parameters, and members are busy with building their own companies, this is a delicately hosted process to ensure just the right inputs are captured at just the right time along the Design+Make+Inhabit process. As we embarked on our second Hub-making when we moved from the Westerstraat to Westerpark, I wrote this article capturing the spirit of our approach in collaborative space-making also drawing on the experiences of our peers in other cities.

The great joy in moving again is obviously in seeing a new generation of members envision what an Impact Hub looks like in a completely new and different space, and to co-create aspects of it that add value and shared ownership over the new space. This is not about picking the one favourite chair or that crazy colour scheme you wanted to try, but it is about collective imagination and the new insights and possibilities our diverse perspectives bring to a space we will all inhabit – and invite others into as our reflection of how the world can be.


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