One of our members once said: “Impact Hub is more than a place. It is an ethos.” From the first time Impact Hub Amsterdam opened in the Westerstraat in 2008, and throughout our time here in Westerpark, to the time we will invest and share with each other in our future venue, we proudly admit that we made all the imaginable mistakes while pioneering the field.


In 8 years time, it gave us incredible insights and enabled us to deliver our current level of quality. Each step taken is a fundament for new layers of change, a solid base to live our collective vision. We evolved from facilitating to being the accelerator for entrepreneurial action in response to the world’s most pressing issues.




Like a festival that takes place in a moment of time, the area has been built, the experience delivered, and in the end, the whole needs to be deconstructed. To be built up again. We find ourselves in this process of continuity. Each next step we take, we notice the growing amount of builders and visitors. We see our community grow to over 240 active entrepreneurial members, 10,000 yearly visitors, and all in total 633 engaged community members. These are our professional mates that make Impact Hub Amsterdam an unstoppable movement. From impact investors and entrepreneurs, educators and corporate leaders, to governments and thought leaders. A diverse community in action.


Impact Hub recognises this tribe, realises that the institutionalisation of social matters detaches us from the issues, and brings all stakeholders involved together in kinship. There lies our strength. “It’s the collective stupid!”
In trust, with courage, and by collaboration Impact Hub proves how the new economy works. For over 15,000 members worldwide, in 82 cities around the world, it is for them “the place that I call mine.” Where startups lean on the broad shoulders of multinationals, and corporates dance on the agility of the startup way of working. Testing new ways of working we found out there is more than one way to be successful in the new economy.

From our accelerator programmes that support entrepreneurial solutions to start, grow and scale, to the food we eat and the way we work. Impact Hub provides a micro model of how to solve the macro issues, where we include both problems and solutions, right in your face in one place.

We focus on impact. Through our measured effect, among others by the B Corp certification and our annual validated Global Member Survey, the triple-bottom-line is key to our value creation. People, planet and profit. We live, test and play within what we believe. We see the social enterprise as a key delivery partner to deliver sustainable solutions.

Driving change on a city level by co-activating the Amsterdam Action Programme for Social Entrepreneurship, and on a global scale, aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we contribute our individual talents collectively. This is where change goes to work. From our Impact Hub Scaling Program -Europe’s first ever- which scaled over 100 social ventures across Europe, to our startup accelerator Business Model Challenge, we stimulated, in already nine editions, over 150 individuals and teams to startup their initiative.




Over the years we have hosted a multitude of Labs, characterised by our multi-stakeholder approach, that drove innovation and betterment within the financial, social and environmental sectors. In 2015 only we already have brokered over €3 million in impact investment deals for our members, and continue to increase the deal-flow through our Investor membership and our Investment Ready Program.

Successes like these make us realise that we are the future cities catapult. We accelerate urban ideas to market, to grow the new economy and make cities better. Now is the time to maximise our impact.

We noticed in our wealth of collective knowledge, while we learn from other Impact Hubs, engaged corporate members, and most of all from our members, that we moved from the periphery to the center of the new market. In the next phase, in which we aim to go beyond acceleration to scaling social change, we focus on making tangible a generative economy.

Thank you to all: entrepreneurs, change-makers, impact investors, educators, and corporate leaders and allies who fill our space each day. In the palpable certainties of uncertainties, scrolling through the daily stream of all, pause, put in the center what interests you. Embrace the chaos and feel the rhythm of recurrence. Go, run, fall and enchant others.

Be part of what can be the Great Turn of the entire human history. This is because we as a community are impatient.