As a kid, Max always wanted to become an astronaut.


Story by: Nadine Maarhuis | 3-5 min.


This led him to study physics and work for the European Space Agency (ESA). At the ESA, Max got involved in a project that was researching ways to recycle the CO2 that astronauts exhale whilst they’re in space.

Though his passion for space never disappeared, over the years Max became more and more interested in entrepreneurship as well. He believes that every business should be about benefiting society in some way whilst at the same time being financially sensible. Because of this, Max naturally became a social entrepreneur when he founded Giaura five years ago.


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Cleantech solution

Giaura is a social venture that has developed a device the size of a radio that can harness CO2 from the air, store it and deliver it in a concentrated form to wherever it’s needed on site. The idea for the CO2 capturer came from the space project that Max had been working on: whilst he was developing the air recycling system for space, he became determined to catch CO2 on earth as well.



The Giaura system captures atmospheric CO2, concentrates it and delivers it to you. With the possibility to be installed anywhere, it represents your own on-site & independent CO2 source requiring only air, low-grade heat and power.

Grow your venture

Over the last five years, Giaura has evolved enormously. From two scientists behind a desk, Giaura now is a successful enterprise that hosts full-time jobs for 6 people, has a beautiful office in the city centre of Amsterdam and has brought in several investors. And on top of all that, the CO2 capturer will be launched on the Dutch markets any day now. Max is very pleased that their hard work has paid off: ‘’It took us some blood, sweat and tears and it was definitely a wild rollercoaster ride. But look where we are now. It was definitely worth it.’’.


How Impact Investment Plays A Role


With the CO2 capturer, Giaura hopes to increase awareness of climate change and its effects. ‘’Because the capturer will be sold on the commercial market, it will be visible to everyone. By seeing the product, people will hopefully start thinking about climate change and start realising how important it is that we do something about it.’’, Max says. On the long run, Giaura also wants to contribute to a climate mitigation solution. Because the venture offers a new way to fight CO2, namely by reversing CO2 admissions instead of just minimising them, Max believes that on the long term Giaura can really make a difference.


Impact Hub Amsterdam

Max Beaumonde and Bardia Alaee both participated in the Investment Ready Program 2015 and are part of Impact Hub network. See here how Impact Hub was involved in the growth of Giaura.

Impact Hub enabled Giaura to:

  • Develop a clear cut five year plan in terms of business and in terms of social impact and thereby to develop a clear business plan
  • Develop a story that portrays Giaura in a way that people understand what Giaura is about and can easily get behind it

IHA connected Giaura to:

  • Stakeholders, (private) investors and other social entrepreneurs at the demo day of the IRP

IHA inspired Giaura to:

  • Develop a new project: the tree-pot
  • Keep on going: IHA provided them with an inspiring and motivating environment full of helpful and passionate social entrepreneurs.


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