ASADRA – The missing link between struggling designers and customers with a taste for uniqueness


By: Nadine Maarhuis, may 26, 2015

Today, I’m meeting with Dana and Adrian, a vibrant young entrepreneurial duo with one goal: changing the online shopping experience dramatically. The best of Adrian’s extensive marketing experience and Dana’s passion for fashion are being combined in their soon-to-be social venture: ASADRA. ASADRA is the missing link between customers who desire to buy unique products and fashion designers who are struggling to reach their target audience.


A market-place for fashion designers

Every year, more than a 100.000 fashion designers graduate worldwide: only 1% of them becomes successful.

The rest of them aren’t able to make it because they’re having a hard time reaching their customers. This is where ASADRA comes in: ASADRA is an online market-place for fashion designers that will enable them to become independent and successful.


‘’The fashion designers are the stars, we want to enable them to shine.’’


ASADRA offers all fashion designers a full-service online marketplace where they can sell their products to a global audience: ‘’Whether just out of school or packed with decades of experience, all unique designers are welcome.’’. ASADRA provides the designers with a personalised store-profile, ware-housing, customer support and extensive marketing. In addition, the online rating-system based on product-reviews will provide them with product-credibility. In return, ASADRA charges the designers with a 20% fee on every sale they make. Thus, the venture is all about no cure, no pay: ‘’We only charge the designers with a fee when they actually sell products.’’.


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To enter, the designers don’t have to invest anything in ASADRA: they can start right away. Adrian stresses that this is because ASADRA really wants to facilitate the designers growth: ‘’The fashion designers are the stars, we want to enable them to shine’’.


Unique customer experience

Because the online shopping business is super extensive, customers and fashionistas like Dana herself are overwhelmed by all the e-commerce websites they come across. Because of this, many people who are looking for unique fashion end up buying products at the most popular online shops. ASADRA wants to overcome this problem by offering customers a unique personalised online shopping platform that makes all other e-commerce websites unnecessary.


‘’Do you know the great Custom Radio Station feature at Spotify? We are going to bring the same thing to online fashion shopping.’’


‘’When entering ASADRA for the first time, you get an overview of multiple unique designer products from all price ranges. With every click, ASADRA gets a better idea of your personal taste.’’, Adrian explains. ‘’The truly unique thing about ASADRA are the personalised products feeds. Do you know the great Custom Radio Station feature at Spotify? We are going to bring the same thing to online fashion shopping.’’. Just like Spotify plays you songs that fit your musical preferences, ASADRA will show you designer products that fit your taste in fashion. Customers can create their own feeds, but can also look at the feeds others have created: ‘’Because of this, your favourite fashionista can become your own personal stylist!’’, Dana tells enthusiastically.


Sustainable fashion as the new norm


‘’We are very excited about the mind-change we are observing in the fashion world: more and more people are looking to buy sustainable products.’’


In addition to all this, ASADRA also wants to make a sustainable impact on the fashion industry. Dana’s and Adrian’s goal is to make sustainable fashion the new norm. They feel like now is the time to do so: ‘’We are very excited about the mind-change we are observing in the fashion world: more and more people are looking to buy sustainable products.’’. By highlighting sustainable fashion items with a special icon, ASADRA will draw the attention of this growing group of customers towards these products. ‘’From my marketing-background I know that this will lead to more sells, which will stimulate more designers to start creating sustainable fashion.’’, Adrian explains. ‘’At the same time, this feature will provide ASADRA’s customers with transparency about how the products are made: something that is extremely important to us.’’, Dana adds.


The Business Model Challenge

Dana and Adrian are one of the 17 participants of this year’s Business Model Challenge, run by Impact Hub Amsterdam. With two months down and only one month to go, Dana and Adrian emphasise how valuable the challenge has been for them so far: ‘’The program made a huge contribution to our current business plan. By having all our peers from the challenge take a look at it, we gained a lot of new perspectives and insights.’’. The challenge also inspired them to take their business plan to the next level: ‘’We now know that we should never stop developing: once you stop, you lose. This is why we started conducting in-depth interviews with people from the fashion industry.’’. This know-how has made their business model bulletproof: ‘’We now feel like we have a business plan that is strong enough to present to investors, which was exactly what we hoped to gain from participating in the challenge.’’


‘’Participating in the Business Model Challenge is something we definitely don’t regret.’’


Not only being in the challenge, but also being at Impact Hub Amsterdam was really helpful for Dana and Adrian: ‘’It was very inspiring to be around the other entrepreneurs. They have been of great help to our network: several people have introduced us to experts in the field and possible investors. Because of all this, participating in the Business Model Challenge is something we definitely don’t regret.’’


One year from now..

One year from now, Dana and Adrian hope to have launched ASADRA and to be celebrating the positive impact that they’re making on the fashion industry. To make this happen, they still need two things: seed-investments and more unique designers to work with. ‘’The seed-investments will make it possible for us to create the online platform, hire a team of experts, approach more designers and thereby start making the positive impact we are longing to make.’’, they say. ‘’We are also still looking for more designers to work with as well. To attract them, we came up with a great deal: the first 200 designers that approach us will get a 50% discount on all the products at ASADRA for life.’’. So designers, if you read this, don’t hesitate!

Once ASADRA is launched, it’s self-driven market strategy will make it bound to go sky high. Every day, hundreds of thousands of fashionistas are online looking for unique items to share. At ASADRA, they can actually start making a living by doing this: every time someone buys a product at ASADRA by following the link that the fashionista has shared online, she will receive 3% of the price of the product. This will generate an endless stream of publicity.

So, investors and designers from all over the world, this is your chance to be part of the first steps of an amazing innovative social venture that is bound to go sky high. What are you still waiting for?!

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