Episode 1- Neighbourhood

For more of the neighbourhood-oriented businesses, make sure to check out Konnektid in Amsterdam, Halfway Up the Stairs in Berlin, and HandUp in San Fransisco.
Are there any interesting companies doing something for their communities that you think we have left out? Drop us a line at mail@thegridpodcast.com or share it on Twitter with the hashtag #thegrid01

Working for the good of the hood – the inaugural episode of The Gridlooks at three businesses concerned with where they are.


Contributors to the episode: 

– Andreas Förster, co-founder of FragNebenan. Based in Vienna,
Austria, FragNebenan is a social network aimed at empowering neighbours and neighbourhoods

– Carmen van der Vecht and Andres Talledo Pacheco at Rambler in Amsterdam,
The Netherlands. Rambler is a social venture and fashion brand that enables troubled street kids and school dropoutsto try their hand at fashion

– Casey Dilloway at CommunitySourcedCapital in Seattle, USA, a platform that helps businesses to generate money from within their communities.

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We are Milo Tesselaar (left) and Alexei Korolyov (right).

We are both members of The Impact Hub Vienna. The Grid mostly features members
of the global Impact Hub network.