Amsterdam – 12 December – Today another innovative idea came forth out the pressure cooker called Business Model Challenge and saw the daylight. FitzG a well-tested ambitious business idea on how to solve the so-called plastic soup in our oceans, accelerated into a viable start-up business. The Business Model Challenge is a two-month acceleration programme aimed at enthusiastic early stage impact-driven entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, with the end goal to transform an idea into a viable business. Besides a proven business plan the winner goes out with a nice serving of €5000 prize on their plate. Et voila, dinner is served. Getting hungry?

The final event of the #6th edition of our BMC took place this December 2014 in a closing Stakeholder Forum event at a packed Impact Hub Amsterdam. In a high pressure 60 day adventure through masterclasses, workshops, peer-to-peer sessions and networking, the 17 impact entrepreneurs pitched their business ideas to the public, full with potential investors, partners and customers.

During the event both an experts jury and the crowd voted in order to declare the final Jury prize Winner and a Public Winner. All for the €5000 guaranteed prize from our crowdfunded Impactmakers Fund.

…And the winner is…

FitzG-BusinessModelChallengeFitzG – Jury Winner

INTERVIEW with FitzG – Curious what owners Geraldine Lorijn & Haim Samuels had to say about the experience over the last two months? Read here below or read ahead directly to our next winner.

Why did you participate in this programme?

“We participated in the BMC because we needed to give structure to a major pivot we had just taken in our business and impact models. For us the programme turned into a major exercise that made us comfortable with continuously questioning, adjusting and validating our business model.”

What positive impact can we expect from FitzG?

“The impact we will effect with our business is to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the oceans. We will do this by creating key products that are easy to dispose of responsibly through recycling or composting. The first product is a 100% recyclable beach sandal.”

What did you gain from BMC?

“The BMC helped us validate our assumptions and gave us tools to move to the next level with our business. Meeting the other participants and coaches, sparring with them, and sharing ideas really helped. It was extremely inspiring to be surrounded by other people who want to make a difference by setting up a social enterprise.”

What are the next steps in your business development?

“The next steps for us are to go with SLEM – the institute for innovative and sustainable shoe design – to China to create prototypes of the beach sandal, which we will present to retailers.”

What are you planning to do with the prize money?

“The prize money will go into travelling to China and the development of prototypes.”

Would you advise BMC to others, if so, why?

“I would definitely recommend other social entrepreneurs to take the Business Model Challenge. Whether they have just launched a business, are pivoting or want to improve their business model, the Business Model Challenge will serve to inspire.”

Startup accelerator, Business Model Challenge, Aagje HoekstraAagje Hoekstra – Coleoptera – Public Winner

INTERVIEW with Coleoptera – “The Business Model Challenge for me was to find out what I didn’t know and how I could get the best out of my enterprise. The gain from the BMC is that I have more visible now what I want to do, and that I have a plan in what I’m going to do. Now I am ready for the next step in my business: make the production process less labor-intensive, faster and so make the material and products a lot cheaper. I would definitely advise BMC to others, it really helped me to focus on the things that are important for my enterprise and let the things go which weren’t.”

The prize awarded to Coleoptera is a BlokXii. BlokXii is a design item dedicated to make a sustainable impact on the wood industry, the business product of Dymphna Snijders Blok who was also a participant in BMC #6.

DymphaSnijder_BlokxiDymphna Snijders Blok – BlokXii

“BMC gave me the inspiration to continue my entrepreneurial adventure, I met a great network of people, peers and coaches that inspired me. Creating time and having deadlines made me focus on BlokXii and the next steps are now clear for me. I would suggest the BMC to others if the first steps of their business are taught and tested. If their idea is still very vague I would first recommend to do further investigation in themselves before starting the programme.”


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