We hosted 10 Italian social entrepreneurs interested in learning to scale. In a 5-days full immersion, Impact Hub demonstrated how Amsterdam makes social innovation manifest. Initiated by Impact Hub Florence and the government of Tuscany, the TOM project is proof of how trans-local learning is possible through multi-Hub collaboration. Groups Tuscan social entrepreneurs had week-long deep dives with Impact Hubs Amsterdam, Boston, Sao Paulo and Shanghai.


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Have a look at all the main events of the week:

scaling, socent, Impact Hub Amsterdam, TOM, entrepreneurs

“In this program I realized that energy comes from sharing and the best way to share is to prototype and tell your story”, Laura De Benedetto, Make Tank

MakeTank is a Florentine start-up born as the reference web platform of Italian Makers. MakeTank is a multivendor marketplace that combines the skilled craftmanshop of Italian makers with the new design and fabrication technologies and Open Source Hardware.





scaling, socent, Impact Hub Amsterdam, TOM, entrepreneurs

“Now we have the consciousness that we want to develop our network to put new stories and energies into our business”, Laura Ventura and Luisa Baldeschi, Euroteam Progetti

Euroteam Progetti is a network of professionals guiding enterprises and institutions along the path of growth and development by offering services, advice and training.





scaling, socent, Impact Hub Amsterdam, TOM, entrepreneurs

“My main Amsterdam learning is build trust to achieve goals. Instead of believing only in the product, it is more important to trust the collaborators”, Samuele Rossi, Echi Visivi

ECHIVISIVI is an independent production company born to release art and culture from business activities: a new aspect of artistic production. The heart of ECHIVISIVI is to plan and implement feature films, short films, documentaries, music videos and advertising, focusing on partnerships and alliances with European producers and private investors. www.echivisivi.it



Chiara CaparelloImpact people use their passion as an engine for challenging their limits in a collective way”Chiara Caparello, LiMo

LiMo is a social enterprise created thanks to the initiative of four Language Facilitators with recognised experience in intercultural and language training provided to foreign citizens. LiMo develops both tools and training courses for foreign citizens to enable them access to knowledge and opportunities within the new territory. www.limolinguaggi.eu




scaling, socent, Impact Hub Amsterdam, TOM, entrepreneurs

“At Impact Hub Amsterdam I realised that a society eco-systematically interconnected requires great and expertise members”Pietro Polsinelli, OpenLab

OpenLab is a software and design factory. The current challenge is to bring the techniques of persuasive games within the social sector and amongst the public in general facing topics of great interest (environment, social, education, etc) and informing the public through the use of video-games and their potential to involve a huge number of people. www.pietro.open-lab.com


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