Willem & Cammeraat: from idea, to start-up, to growing social enterprise

Professional backgrounds in the hotel and supply & logistics branches notoriously meet each other in Le Grand Croissant. Ruben Cammeraat and Willem ten Teije have come to realise their shared dream: via a mobile restaurant and food concept they show the food sector how to be more sustainable and healthy. The core of the concept is built around three strong and irreplaceable principles, from which Ruben and Willem urge large food corporations to adopt a more sustainable food practice. Impact Hub Amsterdam is excited to support such an ambition, our support system and network.

Willem and Ruben started the Business Model Challenge program while being in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign via OnePlanetCrowd. With the end of the campaign in sight (and still not being fully funded), the situation became tense. “The greatest learning experience we encountered out of this situation came from the Business Model Challenge. This program for start-ups foremost stimulates you to give your idea and product a critical review. From that we gained a valuable lesson from the Business Model Challenge: Before you start you should actually think about how to connect your product to your market. Ask yourself, How does is it improve the lives of people, in convenience or life quality?”

Going through a number of product tests led to focus, a concept and finally a mobile restaurant. Impact Hub is proud to share that Willem & Cammeraat is represented on several food innovation sites online and in the field. They bring the origins of food to the people and vice versa.  In contrast with the standard foodtrucks who offer food-out-of-the-hand, Willem & Cammeraat truly pushes things forward and brings a restaurant to the field. This encourages people to eat properly, be more healthy and learn about the origins of the food. “We believe food connects people, we reduce our waste to as little as possible and use seasonal ingredients as much as possible.”

From Business ModInvestment Ready, #socent, #impiv, Impact Investment, MVO, Duurzaam Ondernemen, startup, masterclass, ondernemers trainingel Challenge participant to start-up, to a growing social enterprise, Ruben and Willem are currently working on optimising the team and bringing in more talent. All to build on the core concept and with a view on the ultimate goal: to show  the food sector it can really be more sustainable! Proud to have community members who can help an event become more tasty, healthy and socially impactful…  Willem & Cammeraat recently had ‘some spare time’ to surprise entrepreneurs at the Rabobank Ondernemersborrel we hosted at Impact Hub Amsterdam. Yummy!