As World Water Week kicks off right now in Stockholm, we at Impact Hub Amsterdam want to celebrate impactmakers who are contributing to cleaner, safer drinking water. Marten Susebeek and his team at Susteq are inspiring pioneers addressing a key cross-cutting issue that is present in the conversations at World Water Week: How can we economically accommodate the fact that water is a public and social good, and that access to safe drinking water has been declared a human right by the United Nations?

A water bridge for the most economically challenged

Susteq offers a bridge between demand from people that need reliable water access and supply by organisations that provide reliable water service. They found a solution through a mechanism that includes monitoring and a micro-payment facility. Watch here how the Susteq process works. What was most interesting is that Susteq have found that often the most economically challenged – the most bottom of the bottom-of-the-pyramid – are more likely to pay for clean drinking water than the ones economically better off, explains Marten in a recent chat. Watch Marten share what he discovered as an unmet need and why he is doing this.

Last year Susteq was selected along with 11 other growing enterprises for an intensive 3-month long investment ready program, hosted by Impact Hub Amsterdam. Sounds interesting to you? Read about the value Susteq gained by participating in the program, “The program made me look at my venture through the eyes of an investor”. Considering that 780 million people lack access to an improved water source (source: WHO/UNICEF), it’s clear we are in need of committed entrepreneurs like Susteq to grow.


“780 million people lack access to an improved water source”

We are pleased Susteq recently joined our in-Hub working community, where Marten can be found enjoying a cup of coffee while giving and receiving useful peer support. He recently participated in a Workbench session and is joining a group of next-level entrepreneurs to receive bespoke scaling support through our BENISI program and will hopefully benefit by more Impact Hubs in Africa. due to our recently launched Africa Seed program. Focusing on strong product and market development while keeping their mission and values at the core, Susteq is poised to grow and is already garnering interest from investors and partners.


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