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Championing Vitamin N as a Fundamental Human Right

Hub member Jan van de Venis is freshly returned from the Rio+20 Earth Summit in Brazil with big plans for the future. Five years ago, he started the organization Stand Up For Your Rights, providing a critical bridge between the… Read the rest

The Hub is Pro Action. Are you?

In July Hub-members and non-members joined the fourth edition of The Hub Amsterdam Pro Action Café. Starting up with a collaborative jamming session they were challenged to generate rapid peer-to-peer input and feed-forward for the challenges and quests they face.… Read the rest

Viva voce – Building a great community together!

Viva voce, or ‘word of mouth’, is said to be the most credible and effective way of advertising. When trying something new, we like to hear about the benefits and value of a product/service by someone we trust and know.… Read the rest

Why didn't we get the future we want in #Rio?

“Why didn’t we get ‪#TheFutureWeWant‬ in ‪#Rio‬? Because we don’t have the leaders in place to get us there!”  One of many tweets on our talk with Kumi Naidoo – executive director of Greenpeace International. And we weren’t just with… Read the rest

Was the “60 Days Countdown to Success” a real promise?

During the month of April and June The Hub offered an accelerator program in collaboration with Business Models Inc. The challenge was to get the business model of 25 social entrepreneurs operational in 60 days, and if the model was… Read the rest

Building capacity for the Oasis movement

Elos Nederland is scaling up for a bigger impact. Their goal: serve a larger number of communities and help a larger number of volunteers to participate in the Oasis Game. The Oasis Game is played in empoverished neighbourhoods. Whilst appearing… Read the rest

Bahareh Panjeh Shahi: Kiss and Tell, a sustainable fashion label

Op een reis door India viel het kwartje bij de jonge advocate: ‘Ik raakte daar heel erg geïnspireerd door de wevers, en de boeren. En die prachtige stoffen die ik mijn handen kreeg. Zo mooi. Ik heb een passie voor… Read the rest

The Hub’s Global network at our fingertips

Over the last month 90 Hubmembers have joined Hubnet in response to our invitation.* Some of us will have jumped right in, others wondered what benefits joining would provide or declined the offer on the basis that it is “just… Read the rest

Johanna Kroon: first aid for acquisition 'acquisitiespreekuur'

Many entrepreneurs have less clients than they would like to have. And I myself have learned a thing or two about getting clients since I started out as an entrepreneur more than 20 years ago. So I decided to start… Read the rest