While The Dutchies are preparing for the Olympic Games and the European Championships, The Hub is preparing for some serious business. The Hub and Business Models Inc. put a program together to boost your idea into a operational business model. Based on the concept of the global bestseller book “Business Model Generation” the producer – Patrick van der Pijl – and start up specialist – Tobias Edstrom – will help you boost your ideas. Do you wanna join? We need to warn you. It is not just a training course. It is hard work. It is fun. And we help you to make your business model work. In 60 days.
Watch the video!
1 : Become the King or Queen on Business Models  .(27 April 9:00-17:00)
We help you understand the why about business models and the full concept of the nine building blocks. You will be able to understand your own business model and you will be able to juggle with business models. We explain you the 60 day approach. You will leave after a day with a clear direction, inspiration and a task… to (re-) design your own business model!
2 : Innovate your business model(s)!  .(8 May 13:30-17:30)
We start with understanding the customers in your business models. We use techniques to help you design better products, services or… Should we ask ourselves: “What is actually the job you get done for your customers?” We will start the 1st sprintrun of innovation. Important note: “There is no single business model solution!” You will end the day being confused with a lot of business model options… Now we’re talking!
3 : How do I know my customer will buy my product?  .(18 May 13:30-17-30)
We need to move out of the building! Our business models are full of guesses. Each building block has guesses. How can we get our business model options clear? How can we test our business models? We need to understand if our potential customers are willing to pay for our products and/or services. So how we do that? We help you out!
4/5/6: Learning all about our guesses and meeting our customers  .(28 May, 8 June, 18 June 16:00-1800)
During three meetings you will share what you learned. Did you make your guesses more clear or are you still guessing? Can we help you or can your fellow business model owners help you?
7: The 60 days are over! Let’s Rock!  .(29 June 16:00-20:30)
By now you should be able to understand what business model suits you best. You have a clear direction what you want to achieve and you know your way to go to transform your business model into operations. We will share our last insights and we celebrate!

Your commitment
We know you are not funded by VC’s. Actually we recommend you not to do that. So you are bootstrapping. That’s ok. Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship. We help you out. The fee is just a charity. €250 excl. VAT (real price is €6.000). We only ask your full commitment. So show up all events. A winner has a plan. A loser has only excuses.

Your team
You will be in good hands. You will be supported by the team of Business Models Inc., and as always you’ll be hosted by the Hub team.
Patrick – he is the producer of the business model generation best seller book and CEO of Business Models Inc.

 – is former Spotify and King in start-ups.
Their sessions are known for energy, passion, learning and very, very concrete output.
Apply HERE .before April 6th
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