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Karel Smouter: "real life dialogues enrich us like nothing else"

Karel Smouter, who was one of the earliest members of the HUB Amsterdam with his ‘still up and running’ venture   Butch & Sundance Media recently re-joined the Hub, together with Inger van Nes, his colleague. ‘We come to work, share,… Read the rest

Green Screen: "City Repair Project"

This month’s Green Screen is about The City Repair Project. We will watch a YouTube lecture of Mark Lakeman about this project in Portland, which substantially ‘greened’ the city! City Repair is an organized group action that educates and inspires… Read the rest

Amsterdam 2.0 "Art as impetus for celebration"

Amsterdam 2.0 is uniting young and emerging contemporary artists from all corners of Europe, as well as local artists, and exhibits their work in a one-time event in Amsterdam. The platform discovers and nurtures new art talent by fusing art… Read the rest

Let's talk about… your business!

Do you have a burning question that is draining your energy? Or an issue that blocks you from moving forward? Tell us about your business and have like-minded people and Hub hosts think along with you. This is your opportunity… Read the rest

De Blauwe Engel

Parool published an article about Hub member Pauline Fokkelman. Pauline is an actrice and theatremaker who sells immaterial gifts, one of which is a walk around the city with ‘de Blauwe Engel’ (the Blue Angel). De Blauwe Engel and her… Read the rest

OASIS Makassarplein

Afgelopen weekend is de Oasis Game gestart in de Indische buurt! Tijdens een Oasis Game gaan een groep bewoners, samen met vrijwilligers en lokale instanties onder leiding van het oasis team een spel spelen om een grote verandering te weeg… Read the rest

Book a space

Welcome to the Hub, a playfully co-designed professional office space conveniently located in the Jordaan. The tables are made of recycled doors & pallets, the dishes are washed with ecofriendly soap. Would you like to have your meeting in this… Read the rest