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Coming Spring SOCAP/Europe will take place in Amsterdam to cultivate the Social Capital Market of Europe. Meet two of its founders Margaret McGovern and Kevin Jones, both deeply involved in The Hub network.

Margaret is a serial entrepreneur: in her hometown of San Francisco, she helped grow a family food enterprise to a multimillion dollar firm, and enjoyed 15 years as founder and CEO of three award-winning media companies on 2 continents. An early advocate of sustainability, Margaret was an initial member of Social Venture Network US and of multiple grassroots efforts to bring sustainability issues to the mainstream.

Together with her husband Frank van Beuningen, Margaret is part of the founding investors community of The Hub Amsterdam, and co-chairs The Hub North America together with Tim Freundlich, co-founder of Hub Bay Area together with SOCAP founder Kevin Jones. Hub Bay Area, which includes both Hub SoMa and Hub Berkeley, now has over 850 members.

Margaret is now living in Amsterdam since 3 years, and is a partner at PYMWYMIC, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Community, which has led impact investing in Europe for the past 15 years. PYMWYMIC has the trust and track record to help SOCAP build the right foundations in Europe says Jones.

Kevin Jones got involved with the Hub after seeing it work in London for three years. Kevin understood The Hub’s deep value; “a place where both for profit and non-profit social entrepreneurs built a viable business selling a product or service that has a positive social impact as its reason for existence. It’s a place where value goes to work.” Kevin says.

Besides this Kevin is the founder of Good Capital and before that has brought six businesses to market dominance before he left or sold them. As a journalist, Kevin has been a columnist for Forbes and Business 2.0 magazines.

SOCAP was founded by Kevin, Tim and Rosa-Lee Harden just before the collapse of the Lehmann brothers, and caught a spirit of disaffection with the status quo of capital markets, and a rising tide amongst social entrepreneurs. Two years later, by SOCAP10, attendance had more than doubled to 1400, 20,000 watching globally online.

SOCAP/Europe in Amsterdam runs May 30th – June 1st and will for the first time in Europe gather more than 500 global stakeholders of the Social Capital Movement bringing together social entrepreneurs, angel impact investors, foundations, and policy makers to create change and fund market solutions to our global challenges.

SOCAP excels at introducing you to the stranger who could become your co investor, your partner in your project or what’s next for your own life and career at the intersection of money and meaning.

Our conference, SOCAP, Social Capital Markets is at the intersection of money and meaning. It’s a new space that partakes of some of the goals of giving and philanthropy and all of the rigor of traditional investing and operational efficiency. With SOCAP/Europe we’re going back to the place where the capital markets began, and this time adding meaning to money.” Kevin says and expresses his hopes for SOCAP/Europe. ”I hope to highlight the unsung groups and individuals across Europe who have been pioneers in putting their money where their mouth is for years, while also welcoming the newcomers, and the startups and entrepreneurs who are building the businesses that will be part of building the world we need as climate change and poverty intersect in all of our lives, in all of our institutions and in all of our communities.”

Margaret shares Kevin’s view: “SOCAP/Europe is inclusive as all parts of the innovation and impact ecosystem are present at SOCAP. We deeply believe that today’s challenges require collaborative creative solutions. SOCAP/Europe isn’t just talking; it’s case studies & metrics, art & academia, entrepreneurs & funders, and as one participant said: ‘SOCAP inspiration is like rocket fuel’.

Hub Amsterdam is a huge help. I’d love The Hub network, and especially in Europe to play a vital role. It’s a natural.

SOCAP/Europe “reconvening of the world’s capital markets” at the Beurs van Berlage, the site of the original stock market. The conference runs May 30 to June 1, 2011.

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Text by Bert Meijers