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The Money Game | Wednesday 25 March from 15.00 to 18.00 | €3 for Hub members and €10 for non-members

The Money Game is a simulation game developed to help people in all financial situations to understand the feelings and beliefs we have about money in our lives and in society. Each person brings a certain amount of money that… Read the rest

'Tune in' | Tuesday 17 March at 20.00 | €10

Foor Wittink and Brechtje Roos, two professional musicians, will give a workshop to let you experience the language of music. The theme´s for the evening will be ´change´ and ´community´ and I hope this evening will give you some inspiration… Read the rest

Coachcafé voor Ondernemers | 12 Maart van 19.15 tot 22.30

Op donderdagavond 12 maart organiseert Blik-Opener in samenwerking met Droomzaken het Coachcafé voorOndernemers. Jonge en potentiële ondernemers zijn van harte uitgenodigd om in gesprek te gaan met onze ervaren ondernemerscoaches. Wil je voor jezelf beginnen, zit je vol ideeën, maar… Read the rest