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Applications are open! European Social Innovation Competition

We’re thrilled to announce that the 2016 European Social Innovation Competition, aiming to support the reception and integration of refugees and migrants in Europe, has today been launched in Amsterdam. This year, we’re looking for creative approaches that realise the… Read the rest

#Meetthetrainer | Art of Hosting 2016 | Laura

Laura on her experience with the Art of Hosting training What question has brought you to do an Art Of Hosting – Social Innovation training in the past? I’ve always been curious to understand what is our role in transforming… Read the rest

#Meetthetrainer | Art of Hosting 2016 | Mohamed

Mohammed on his experience with the Art of Hosting training     When I arrived I thought I just needed a toolbox or methodology that would provide me with a quick fIx for the problems and challenges I faced. The… Read the rest

Duurzame projecten gezocht voor crowdfunding

Heeft u een innovatief, werkbaar idee om de wereld duurzamer en socialer te maken, maar niet genoeg geld voor een goede start? Dan is hier uw kans: enOneplanetcrowd gaan samen vier tot zes projecten begeleiden bij crowdfunding. Wat is… Read the rest

Looks Good, Feels Food, Is Really Good: 2 steps to becoming a sustainable fashion SME

Looks Good, Feels Good, Is Really Good: 2 steps to becoming a sustainable fashion SME   Last week I had the opportunity to catch Baptiste Carrière-Pradal, Europe’s VP of Sustainable Apparel Coalition, in his lush-sustainable corner office at Impact Hub… Read the rest

Three Keys to Securing Impact Investments

If you’re reading this, chances are good that a) you are a social entrepreneur; b) you have heard that impact investment could be the answer to scaling your social enterprise; and c) you’ve been utterly disappointed by your experience trying… Read the rest


Join our volunteer team of bloggers, social media ninjas, editors, and community journalists: We are looking for graphic designers, illustrators, photo- and videographers to support our communication team! You are looking for work experience in an international organization but don’t… Read the rest

Winners 2015 European Commission Social Innovation Competition!

We’re thrilled to announce today via the three winners with ideas for ‘New Ways to Grow’ that will share the €150,000 prize! And the winners are… sit-in beekeeping foundation Apiform from Bosnia and Herzegovina peer-to-peer homestay model for older people… Read the rest

Reflections on week 6 of U.Lab Amsterdam

written by: Elena Gramatikovska ‘Don’t think about it. Feel it. Seek it with your hands’ …is pretty much where we left off last week. Well, week 6 was definitely a hands-full session. We have now steadily entered the prototyping part… Read the rest

Q&A with Frank Uffen – The Student Hotel | Dec 9 – 17:00-19:00

Join Frank Uffen – co-founder ‘The Student Hotel’ in his Q&A on international growth     Frank Uffen has been on an adventurous journey, since he was introduced to social entrepreneurship by Impact Hub Amsterdam’s co-founder Tatiana Glad. Since that… Read the rest

Events: Google helpt Nederlandse start-ups met groeiambities

  HARVEST OF RECENT GOOGLE NL EVENT Google investeert wereldwijd in het begeleiden van start-ups. In dit kader vond in Amsterdam de eerste Google Start-up. Week plaats. Dit is een intensief 5-daagsprogramma, gebaseerd op het Launchpad-concept, dat zich richt op… Read the rest