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Starters4communities: ready to pilot in 60 days

Participating in the 60-Day Challenge Manon Becher developed her idea into a start-up ready to pilot: starters4communities. A succesful pilot later with 5 new projects in the pipeline, we catch up with her. Read more

Speaker & Book Launch David Grayson: Social Intrapreneurism and all that Jazz

We’re proud to receive professor David Grayson – author of the book Social Intrapreneurism and All That Jazz - at Impact Hub Amsterdam once again. It is promising to be an interesting evening on social intrapreneurship and change from within organisations.…

Teach2Fish: “If it wasn’t for the 60 Day Challenge, Teach2Fish would’ve probably never transpired”.

Founder Karim Mareek laid the basis of teach2fish during the 60-Day Challenge in which he participated a year ago. Since then, his enterprise has altered course. Read more

The 10 hidden costs of entrepreneurship

Most entrepreneurs - like me - are so excited about their new venture, that they jump in head first, unaware of the hidden costs. So what are these hidden costs? Read more

The Best of Both Worlds

A new Impact Hub opened in Kyoto. Impact Hub member Jeroen Maes flew over to exchange knowledge and learn about social entrepreneurship at the other side of the world. Read more

Use Your Own Feet To Develop Your Vision

Why is it important to regularly go out and experience how your ideas work out in real life, by talking with real people in person? Let’s have a look to see what lessons we can learn from the following experiment…