Giaura: How Space Technology Reduces CO2 On Earth

As a kid, Max always wanted to become an astronaut.   This led him to study physics and work for the European Space Agency (ESA). At the ESA, Max got involved in a project that was researching ways to recycle… Read the rest

How Micropayments and Prepaid Meters Create Reliable Water Access in Kenya

On an otherwise reasonable evening in July, over 600 people packed an auditorium in Boulder, Colorado, for the culmination of the 2015 Unreasonable Institute. They came to watch 12 ventures take the stage and present their solutions to some of… Read the rest

#Impactmaker: Adrian Silineks ‘How Sustainable Fashion Becomes the Norm’

ASADRA – The missing link between struggling designers and customers with a taste for uniqueness   By: Nadine Maarhuis, may 26, 2015   Today, I am meeting with Dana and Adrian, a vibrant young entrepreneurial duo with one goal: changing… Read the rest

5 Tips On How To Be A Tech Startup For Good

“Wake up world, wake up and stop sleeping. Open your eyes!” As I write, this song plays in the background, and I begin to wonder how such a rebellious song can end up as a top 40 radio hit. What… Read the rest

Read about #Impactmaker Scott Kenedy and OpenLabel in FastCompany

A Wikipedia-Style Digital “Label” To Tell You What’s In Every Product In The World OpenLabel hopes to open up a universe of information to make you a smarter, more conscious consumer. “The label is really kind of dead.” So says… Read the rest

Startup story: #Impactmakers Michiel & Claire

Startup story: #Impactmakers Michiel & Claire De Deelkelder: een plek waar spullen én ervaringen gedeeld kunnen worden   Door: Nadine Maarhuis, 26-05-2015 | 3-5 min.   ‘’De Deelkelder is een sociaal maatschappelijke fysieke plek in de buurt waar mensen niet… Read the rest

How To Scale Your Impact

How To Scale Your Impact BENISI Masterclass, Unlikely Allies Summit A BENISI masterclass on scaling social innovation was tailored for the needs and profiles of the participants at an exceptional Impact Hub Network knowledge sharing event that took place in… Read the rest

Hoe impact investering een rol speelt voor Closing The Loop

Voor de façade van vooruitgang door de opkomst van telecommunicatie in ontwikkelingslanden ligt een ecologisch probleem dat ons recht in de ogen aanstaart. De problematiek binnen ontwikkelingslanden is overbekend en veelvuldig. Het straatkind dat speelt op de vuilnisbelt -al niet… Read the rest

Soepmaatjes: Ondernemerschap is people, planet én profit

Soepmaatjes brengen soep naar ouderen, om het vervolgens samen op te eten. Met dit concept wil ondernemer Kim Hendriks uit Venlo mensen bij elkaar brengen. “Ik geloof in ondernemerschap, people, planet én profit. Maar dan niet met een hoofdletter P… Read the rest

#Impactmaker Konnektid & Rambler @The Grid Podcast

Episode 1- Neighbourhood For more of the neighbourhood-oriented businesses, make sure to check out Konnektid in Amsterdam, Halfway Up the Stairs in Berlin, and HandUp in San Fransisco. Are there any interesting companies doing something for their communities that you… Read the rest

Investing in the Future – Impact Hub at OECD Forum 2015

OECD Week, 2-4 June 2015, was organised around the theme of Investing in the Future. At the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting, French President François Hollande and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, together with Ministers from OECD and partner economies, explored… Read the rest

Gov. Gary R. Herbert Visits Amsterdam’s Impact Hub

June 10, 2015 – PRESS RELEASE Amsterdam—Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert, accompanied by his Western European trade mission delegation, visited Impact Hub Amsterdam to explore opportunities for increased collaboration between Salt Lake City and Amsterdam. “The Impact Hub Global Network… Read the rest

Biobrandstof vs Elektrische auto’s: De Race Is Begonnen

Door: Bram Pauwels, 1 juni 2015   Met het de aankomende VN Klimaattop 2015 in Parijs aan de horizon reflecteren we kritische waar we staan met de klimaatdoelen die gesteld zijn. Zo een greep uit de voornemens: “In 2050 is… Read the rest

#Impactmaker: samenwerking Albert Heijn to go & CleanPicnic om de omgeving schoon te houden

Start picknickseizoen bij Albert Heijn to go Samenwerking met CleanPicnic om de omgeving schoon te houden Albert Heijn to go en CleanPicnic slaan de handen ineen om zwerfafval tegen te gaan. CleanPicnic maakt kleedjes die na de picknick direct als… Read the rest

NewCo Amsterdam – highlighting Impact Hub

Tatiana Glad – We stand for collaborative entrepreneurship Introduction The seed of Impact Hub was planted ten years ago, in the township of Soweto, South Africa. A successful local community project made a profound impact on 4 people from London.… Read the rest

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